Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Square Root of One Percent

In 1982 during the war between Lebanon and Israel, a group of researchers were running an experiment. Using transcendental meditation they trained a group to concentrate on peace. To feel peace in their bodies.

These individuals were positioned in different areas amongst the fighting in the middle east and began concentrating on peace. During the times they were concentrating, terrorist activity stopped and crimes rates dropped. Even emergency room visits and traffic accidents declined. When the participants stopped concentrating on peace everything returned to normal chaos.

The data was so consistent the experimenters were able to come up with an exact formula to determine how many people needed to concentrate on the experience peace and see its effect in the world. The amount came to the square root of one percent.

This actually shows you only need a small group of individuals concentrating to affect a large part of the population. Based on that calculation you would only need about 100 individuals to see a change in a population of 1 million. That would mean you would only need about 8000 individuals to influence the entire world.

How encouraging is that?

We don't need the entire world to change. We just need a small portion of the world to stand up and believe in the change to make it happen. Just 8000 out of the entire world population could do it.

It almost sounds too good to be true. But the evidence clearly shows that is all it would take.

Let's prove it to be true.

Start concentrating on peace. Find something that brings peace to your heart. Having no children myself, I use a picture of my little one year old niece. The mind can't hold a positive and negative emotion at the same time. When looking at a picture of my adorable, innocent, little niece I can't help but smile and feel good.

Let's take it a step farther.

We if we chose a time such as 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time and all decided to concentrate on peace as much as we could throughout that hour. Would we see something happen? Would we see a change?

The only way to find out is to try.

Join us at http://www.paradigmshifttoday.com/signup.html and join our experiment. We will keep you informed concerning how many are participating and you yourself should actually be able to see if there are any results.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brainwave Entrainment - The First Time

The following post was written by a friend who had trouble learning to meditate. He eventually tried brainwave entrainment, specifically isochrnoic tones, to help him learn to meditate. Today he is able to meditate without the tones. I told him to describe his experience in an unbiased manner as possible. Read what he has to say below. I think you will find it very interesting.

At first I had always had trouble meditating. I never could seem to get my mind to focus. I never really seemed to get into a deep meditative state. I always knew I was missing out. I knew meditation was the key to getting in touch with your infinite self and really manifesting anything you want in life. It was frustrating.

I searched on the Internet for meditation Cd's which might help the process. I was fortunate enough to come across a site on brainwave entrainment. A process in which you listen to an audio recording which syncs your brain to a certain frequency, especially frequencies of a meditative state. It sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. Why not, what did I have to lose?

So I purchased an isochronic tone which was suppose to sync your brain into a meditative state conducive for manifesting. What I am not going to tell you are the events of the first week I experimented with the isochronic manifesting tone.

I love to play poker. A group of friends and I get together and play poker about once a week. The day I received the isochronic tone I had a poker game scheduled that night. I almost felt silly but I figured what the heck here was the perfect opportunity to try out the isochronic tone.

I sat down in a quiet and room and played the tone for the first time. I was a little surprised. It was just a single tone repeated over and over again. The frequency began to slow and I could actually feel my self syncing with the tone. It was a little scary at first so I stopped playing it.

After a few minutes I restarted the tone and tried again. I was shocked. You really could feel your state of mind changing. Eventually it became very relaxing. Now was the time to try to and see if this manifesting thing really worked. I was going to play poker so I decided to concentrate on getting dealt great cards. I pictured my self being dealt hand after hand of great cards.

The isochronic tone ran for about 15 minutes. When it finished I had to say I felt very relaxed and very refreshed. Now came the fun part. It was time to go play some cards and see if this stuff really worked. Honestly I was hoping but I didn't expect much.

Here is what happened. During the course of the night I was dealt pocket aces twice and pocket kings four times. If you know anything about poker those are the two best hands you can be dealt and to be dealt six of those hands in the course of a few hours, the odds are astronomical.

But here is the funny part. I lost money that night. Even being dealt all those great cards I still lost money. But get this. The next day I get an email from the company I purchased the tone from. The email instructs to be sure you concentrate on the end result not the means of getting there.

There it was right in front of my eyes on the email. I should have concentrated on winning hands and winning money. Not just being dealt great cards. Because as any poker player knows, it's not the cards you're dealt that determine the winner but how you play them.

So was all that just a huge coincidence. If so it was a pretty incredible one. But whatever it was it definitely warranted more experimenting with brainwave entrainment, especially the isochronic tone.

At that point in my life I had been trying for months to start an Internet marketing business. Making money selling products on line. But as of that time I had not sold a thing. So what a perfect way to test the tone again.

If you are familiar with online marketing then you are probably familiar with Clickbank. They have products you can sell for a commission. They handle all the financial stuff and pay you. You can go online and check your Clickbank balance and see how much you are owed. Every day I checked my balance and everyday I saw a big zero. I had never made a sale.

What a perfect way to test manifesting using an isochronic tone. So again I played the tone, entered the relaxing meditative state. This time as instructed in the email, I concentrated on the end result. I pictured myself going on the Internet and seeing a positive balance on my Clickbank account. I pictured numbers ranging from $10 to $10,000.

When I finished meditating I quickly ran to the computer and logged onto my click bank account and checked the balance. Again nothing but a big zero. Oh well it was worth a try. It was late that night. The meditation had relaxed me so I decided to go to bed.

The next morning when I awoke I decided to check my Clickbank balance again. I couldn't believe what I saw. There right in front of my eyes I was seeing a balance of $44.03. I had made my first Internet sale.

Did that sale come because I had manifested it when using the isochronic tone? I was still skeptical. But you had to admit every time I used the tone, things were happening. Even though sometimes not exactly how I wanted them to.

This definitely warranted continuing with the tones. Over the next three days I continued meditating on my Clickbank balance and every day my Clickbank balance grew. The sales kept coming.

Things were really starting to go way past just being a coincidence. So I decided to try it in another area of my life. This is where things got really strange.

I had always had allergies. At this point in my life they were really bad. I was sneezing and coughing constantly every day. So I decided to meditate with the tones one night before I went to bed and concentrate on the end result of being allergy free.

Here comes the strange part. That night after I went to bed I woke up at about two in the morning. My body was tingling and I began to feel very cold. It was a strange feeling. It was scary. My breathing became heavy and my heart started racing. I felt as if I was having a panic attack. But I had no reason to be afraid of anything. Then came the sickening nausea feeling. It kept growing and growing and my breathing and heart kept racing faster and faster. Here it gets kind of gross. But I spent the rest of the night with my head over a toilet seat about twelve times.

I spent the entire next day in bed. But guess what? I didn't cough or sneeze once. My body had purged my system of all the mucus (told you it gets gross) and allergens that were causing it so much discomfort. Of course I still have a little allergy attack now and then. But today is nothing like it was back then. I mean I was literally coughing and sneezing every waking hour. But the night after using the isochronic tone I saw an end to my chronic allergies.

Here is an interesting side note. The two days I was sick I didn't use the tones. I didn't concentrate on my Clickbank sales. And those two days I didn't get a sale.

There you have it. My friends first week experience using brainwave entrainment. I hope this has at least tickled your interest enough to want to experiment yourself. Even though my friend does mention getting sick, trust me when I say it is a very safe practice. Only good can come from it. As you saw in his end result.

I can assure you. Once you try it for yourself you will be amazed

For more information on brainwave entrainment Click Here!

Brainwave Entrainment - The Best Way to Manifest Anything Into Your Life

It really is quite simple. Entrainment is the syncing of two vibrating systems. Here we are referring to your brain and an audio recording that simulates the waves your brain produces.

Once your brain enters an alpha-theta stage, all the unwanted, crazy noise of your conscious mind begins to fade. The 50,000 thoughts you have a day can become one. The one thought being what you want to manifest in your life. You have calmed a raging ocean and turned it into a tranquil pond. Can you not see how effective the Law of Attraction can be for you now?

Entrainment is most often accomplished by one of two methods - binaural beats or isochronic tones.

Binaural beats require the listener to wear headphones. A different tone is heard in each ear. The brain interprets the difference as a pulse or beat. For example one ear may hear a 200 hertz frequency and the other ear a 210 hertz frequency. The brain interprets this as the difference and hears just a 10 hertz frequency.

Isochronic tones turn a tone on and off to simulate the desired frequency. Isochronic tones are actually becoming more popular. Evidence is showing them to be more effective. Plus you don't have to use headphones. But headphones are often recommended to eliminate background noise.

If you have had trouble in the past entering a meditative state then binaural beats or isochronic tones just may be the magic you have been looking for.

They are also so much better than subliminal messages. When listening to a subliminal recording you are limited to impressing upon your subconscious mind only what is on the recording. Using brainwave entrainment you can enter an altered state of consciousness and you decide what to "tell" your subconscious. One recording can be used for multiple purposes.

If you have never tried brainwave entrainment, especially isochronic tone, do so today. Don't delay. You only have everything to lose and everything to gain.

For more information Click Here!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Can Program A Computer and Didn't Know It

Many times we just take for granted that something is true. We believe it to be true even without evidence to back it up. We just have something inside us that tells us it is true. Many times it isn't true. Many times we are just dead wrong.

Our paradigms make us believe many things that are not true. Unfortunatley many go through their lives without learning to shift untrue paradigms. They live in a suffocating world of unnecessary false beliefs.

Below is the experince of a friend who had a major paradigm shift. He just held a belief in his mind that something just had to be a certain way. He was convinced it was that way. He held the false belief for years, even decades. Boy was he wrong. He has agreed to write down his experience for this blog.

It was 1984. I was 12 years old. It was Christmas. My grandparents had just given me my first computer, a Commodore 64.

I was in awe. To me a computer was the most magical thing in the world. There wasn't anything a computer couldn't do. To learn how to use a computer was to unlock the mysteries of the universe.

I loved the computer and the two games they bought me to go with the computer - Radar Rat Race and Monkey Math. Of course that was what they thought the computer was for, playing games. Hopefully some games like Monkey Math would be educational. I loved the games, but what caught my attention was a little book that came with the computer. A book entitled, BASIC Programming on the Commodore 64.

There it was! I grabbed the book. I now held in my hands the book which was going to allow me to unlock the mysteries of the universe. This book was going to show me how to make the computer do whatever I wanted it to do. Since there wasn't anything a computer couldn't do, once I learned the secrets in the book I would be able to make the computer give me anything I wanted.

I was determined to learn to program the Commodore 64. So I started reading the book. I didn't have a clue what it was telling me. I didn't know what a variable was. I didn't know what a string was. I didn't know what a function was. I didn't know what a statement was.

I could tell the book was trying to tell me but I couldn't quite get it. It was frustrating. But I didn't give up. I kept reading the same pages over and over again. Perphaps this time it would make sense.

Guess what?

One day it did make sense. I don't really understand it. Something just clicked on in my mind. I even remember what it was. The first thing I finally understood was a variable. I had read the section on variables over and over again in the past. The words might have well have been a jumbled mess of letters for all I was concerned. But then one day I completely understood the section on variables. This made the other sections clearer. Eventually everything began to build and I eventually had the foundation for programming BASIC programs on the Commodore 64.

I soon learned that maybe I hadn't actually found the secret of the entire universe. But I could do some pretty cool stuff with the Commodore 64. I made these awesome, or what I thought was awesome, computer games. Which I would send off to try and get some major software publisher to buy. Of course I always got the rejection letter. Give me a break I was only 12 or 13 years old.

Unfortuantely as the years went by and I entered High School my awe for the computer began to fade. Besides who wants to be the high school computer nerd anyway. My interests turned to other things like girls. Spending time with girls was a lot funner than sitting in the corner of some room typing in lines of code on a computer screen. My interest in computers almost came to a complete standstill. Plus it was the late eighties, no one really used home computers in their everyday lives yet.

But then came the nineties, and the internet. Computers started to play a major role in our lives. I was very adept at learning to use these new and more powerful computers. Setting up new computers, installing and working with all the new incredible software and hardware pretty much came naturally . But I never got back to my first love of programming the computer, making that computer do what I wanted it to do.

I just figured that by now with all the advances in computers, computer languages had to have become so difficult and time consuming to learn that the BASIC language I knew had to be obsolete. With everything computers could do I didn't even know if I would even be capable of learning the new languages.

Unfortuantely I just took that belief for granted. I didn't even bother to take a look at any of the current languages the programmers were using to run computers. That was a big mistake.

Flashforward to 2009.

I had just read a book on shifting your paradigms. Changing many of the false beliefs that you think are true but aren't.

Something in me clicked again. Something in me made me sit down at the computer and look up C++ on the internet. C++ is the language used to create many of the programs you use on the computer today.

I found a web page and I saw this...

int main
int x;
int y;

using namespace std;
cout << "Enter a number: ";
cin >> x;

cout << "Enter another number: ";
cin >> y;

cout << "The sum is: " << x + y << endl;

I was in shock!

I understood most of what I was seeing. Yes this is a very basic program which just has its operator enter two numbers then tells them the sum of the two numbers. What shocked me the most was the coding was still very similar to the BASIC lanugage I had learned years ago. Take a look at the same program in BASIC. You do not need to be a programmer to see similarities.

PRINT "Enter a number ";
PRINT "Enter another number";
PRINT "The sum is: "; x+y

I started looking at other programs written in C++. Again I had never looked at a program since I was in my teens. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Many of the same commands were still there. There were of course variations, but the basic concepts, the same logic needed, was still there.

This was a paradigm shattering, earth shaking moment for me. I still knew how and was capable of programming a computer. Twenty plus years had passed and I thought I had fallen so behind on an ability as to have to spend years and years of training to recover.


After seeing the similarities of the two languages, I found a FREE site on the internet which had well over 100 lessons teaching you how to program in C++.

I actually went through the first 30 lessons in just ONE day. It was all review. I already knew everything I was reading. I can't count how many times I just paused to contemplate what was happening.

In less than one month I was back up to speed with C++ programming and I am happy to say I am once again making my own programs with the same enthusiasm of my old 13 year old self. It feels good.

All those years I had just assumed and was convinced of something that was untrue. I believed a lie. A lie that I was telling to myself.

If that is not a paradigm shift then I don't know what is.

Paradigm Shift

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Will Be Taken Care Of - The Experiment

There is another you. Another infinite you, that knows your needs. Another you that has the ability to see the big picture. Another you that loves and cares for you more than you love and care for yourself. Another you that is there to protect and comfort and provide everything you could ever need in this life.

Below is an experience from a friend who actually put the above statements to the test. He agreed to write down his experience for this blog.

Being self-employed I am not guaranteed a paycheck. And sometimes needs arise and you wonder where you are going to find the extra money. It can bring worry and stress. The unknown usually does, doesn’t it? But here I am 14 years into being self-employed and every need that I have ever had has been met. I ask myself what do I really need and I have to answer—nothing.

What is funny is even though hundreds and hundreds of needs have been met in the past, any time a new need arises and I’m not quite sure how it is going to be met, worry and stress show their faces again. This time though I tried a little experiment.

I decided not to fight the worry and stress, to just experience it. To feel it. And guess what? It eventually just started to subside. Kind of like when you stub your toe. At first the pain is intense, then slowly you can feel it just fade away. Then there is a feeling of pleasure because the pain is gone.

You feel content.

Then I took the experiment a step farther. If there really is an infinite me that cares about me and knows my needs, then that “me” wants my needs taken care of just as much if not more than I do. So I decided to give as little thought as I could to that need and just turn it over to my infinite self knowing the need would be met. I ignored the temptation to come up with plans to make the extra money. Of course the worry would come back but again I just let it run its course.

To many that would seem foolish. How can you have this “problem” and just not do anything about it? Trust me, that question ran through my mind hundreds of times. But I decided to ignore it. If there really is another me, who cares about me, a more powerful, infinite me then “he” will be more adept to handle the problem than I would.

Two days ago, as of writing this article I got a business call. The call came from someone I had never met. The call came from someone whom I had never tried to solicit business from before. The call was the result of nothing I had done in the past.

As a result, the day of writing this article I received a check from them in the mail. I deposited the check. Tomorrow the need will be met.

You would think after 14 years I would learn.

Paradigm Shift Today

Segment Intending

It’s been awhile since I heard of the concept of segment intending. I first remember reading about it when I read The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Most people today seem to have heard of the law of attraction, whether they believe it or not. Basically the law of attraction says that whatever we think about, combined with emotion, we bring into our lives. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. If we concentrate on it long enough it will make its appearance.

Segment intending can help you put the law of attraction to work for you. I personally think it is an easier way to keep our thoughts on things we want and off things we don’t want.

We have over 50,000 thoughts a day. How in the world could we ever keep track of those thoughts? We can’t. But we can let our emotions guide us. Stop and notice your feelings. What are you feeling right now? If you are feeling good then you can be assured good things are coming. Are you feeling bad? Then you might want to do something to change that.

Segment intending can help. It helps you from becoming overwhelmed. We don’t have to deal with all 50,000 thoughts. We can break our day up into segments and deal with each segment one at a time. It helps us to become more present and enter the NOW.

Our daily lives can be broken into many segments. For example you awake in the morning, you shower, you get dressed, you have breakfast, you brush your teeth, you drive to work, etc…

Segment intending involves becoming aware of these segments and knowing when you are entering into a new segment. As you enter a new segment become aware of how you feel and what you want from this segment in your life. Some may be simple such as brushing your teeth, others may be harder such as dealing with something at work.

Be diligent. Stay aware of each segment. Perhaps some segments are not as you would like them to be. Use that moment to focus your thoughts on how you want it to be. Picture it vividly in your mind. Feel the positive emotions of having this segment manifest itself to your liking. What you will be doing is paving the way for future segments. Future segments you have created.

Try this for just one month and you will be surprised at the outcome. An incredible life is out there just waiting for you to create.

Paradigm Shift Today

Friday, September 25, 2009

Stop Playing The Game

You are playing a game with the entire world. Sometimes it can be enjoyable and fun, but most of the times it’s hard and complicated. Sometimes it can just be sadistic and cruel.

Your ego loves playing the game. It loves comparing itself to others to see who is winning. To see who has the most money. To see who has the most power. To see who is the best. To see who is happier. To see who is making the most out of their life.

Every person you meet your ego is sizing them up. Deciding who is ahead in the game.

But here is the catch. We may make the comparisons but we constantly feel we are losing. We know there is something out there we don’t have. We may not even know what it is. We just have that empty feeling that tells us it is missing.

Guess what? That empty feeling isn’t going to go away. If we look out into the world to fill the void, the empty space may actually get bigger and bigger. We are chasing something we can never catch.

We are playing a game in which there can be no winner. Yet we keep playing the game and sometimes the game flies completely out of our control.

Your mind has over 50,000 thoughts a day. Are you going to tell me you are in control of all those thoughts? Do you even know what those thoughts are? Most are repetitive and useless. The same thoughts that you have over and over every day, but accomplish nothing. Most just bring worry and misery.

Even though you aren’t consciously aware of all the thoughts you know they are there. You can feel them. There is that underlying current of unease that is in all of us. Sometimes we feel it more intensely. Sometimes in moments of intense anger or grief it can overwhelm us. But even in moments of relative peace we can still feel it lurking in the background.

The game keeps us searching, comparing and fighting for relief but there is none. Perhaps brief flashes of liberation, but they are always fleeting.

So is there anything we can do?


Quit playing the game.

Surrender. Just give up. Decide you are not going to play the game anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying give up on life. I am saying end the game. Now watch what happens in your life.

Turn your life over to your higher self. Trust in the part of you that is infinite. A part of you that, believe it or not, is omnipotent – all knowing. Why in the word would you want to limit yourself to your finite mind? A mind so cluttered and full of lies and deceit that it really can’t even see the world for what it truly is.

Accept that you are more than this jumbled mess of thoughts and emotions, walking sometimes aimlessly in a trap of flesh and bone. Realize that you have the ability to access infinite possibilities. Understand there is no need for competition, because everyone has this ability. Everyone is pure unlimited potential. You can coordinate the universe so precise that anything you desire is possible.


Embrace the unknown and uncertainty. Know that everything you could ever want is yours for the taking. Just don’t get caught up in the “how” and “why” anymore. Find the joy in yourself. What makes you feel good? Let that feeling guide you. If you are having fun in what you are doing, everything else will take care of itself.

But most won’t believe it. Most are just going to continue playing the game. For them the struggle is never going to end. Sad.

Stop playing the game.

Paradigm Shift Today

Why Is Tiger Woods So Good?

I was watching Tiger play in the tour championship yesterday. Although I don’t really play that much golf I enjoy watching Tiger play. Never has an individual so undeniably dominated a sport.

I have a friend who is a very good golfer. He actually tried to make it on the pro tour for a couple of years. But as good as he is those guys playing on tour are consistently playing on an even higher level. And then you look at Tiger Woods and he exceeds them all.

Tiger Woods wins about 1 in every 3 tournaments. This year he won 6 tournaments. For many pro golfers 6 may be a lifetime goal.

How does Tiger do it?

Tiger is a master of staying in the Now—of staying in the present moment.

Tiger does not let his thoughts stray to the future or dwell in the past. He keeps his mind centered in the present and the task at hand. Under the pressure of performing in a golf tournament with millions of fans watching your every move, staying as present as Tiger does is nothing less than amazing.

Staying in the present moment brings clarity and focus. Not concentrating on the shadowy phantoms of the future lets you know what needs to be done now.

Tiger is not worried about what the millions of fans are thinking about him. Tiger is not projecting himself into the future concerned with whether or not he is going to win the tournament. Tiger isn’t concentrating on the money he is going to be winning. (Actually, I’m sure money isn’t even a factor for Tiger any more. Which is a definite plus for staying focused.)

Tiger is in the Now. He is taking each step one at a time. Walking from fairway to the green, each blade of grass is crisply in view. He is aware of each footstep. The sound of the fairway turf crushing beneath his Nike golf shoes echos in his ears. Tiger Woods is alive.

With our imperfect, ego addicted minds it is impossible for anyone to constantly stay in the Now and Tiger is no exception. We have seen Tiger have off days. We have seen Tiger scramble around the golf course and miss putts that normally he could have sunk if the hole was twice as small. In those moments Tiger is no longer in the Now. His mind has taken over. The past and future are dominating.

But more times than not Tiger can calm and silence his mind-- a necessary step for entering the Now.

In most tournaments a new golfer rises to challenge Tiger. Another golfer has entered the Now and is capable of challenging Tiger. Sometimes they succeed. But how many times do you see them leave the Now? When Tiger is trailing in a golf tournament how many times do you see Tiger’s competitors make mistakes and their golf score plummet. They have left the Now.

Tiger has the ability to go into the Now and stay better than any golfer that has ever lived. Tiger can immerse himself so completely into the Now as to seem to make magic happen. When Tiger is fully in the Now, is when he runs away with tournaments. That is when no other golfer in the world even has a chance at beating him.

Tiger Woods is so good, because Tiger Woods is in the NOW.

Paradigm Shift Today

Monday, September 21, 2009

Detach Yourself From The Things You Want

Anything that you really want in life you must first detach yourself from it. It almost sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? If I want it, how can I detach myself from it so that I can get it?

The secret lies in bypassing your ego. Don’t want something for ego’s sake. Don’t want that million dollar house or expensive new car just so others can see you. That doesn’t mean you can’t have those things or enjoy those things. It just means that you have to know having them doesn’t make you superior or a more special person.

Stop seeing life as a struggle to gain more and more and more. As if the more you gain the more security it will bring you. It won’t. In fact you may find the opposite. The more you gain and the more you are attached to your gains the more insecure you will feel. Not only will you still want more but if you become overly attached you may fear the loss of what you have “gained.”

You can not search and find security. It is already in you if you want it.

Deepak Chopra in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success says, “Without detachment we are prisoners of helplessness, hopelessness, mundane needs, trivial concerns, and seriousness—the distinctive features of everyday mediocre existence and poverty consciousness.”

They key to detachment is being aware of your higher self and a higher purpose. Don’t get caught up in the “how it will happen” and “when it will happen.” Know that by detaching yourself you are opening yourself up to an infinite amount of possibilities just ready to bring to you that which you desire. Don’t limit you self to your vastly insufficient, finite, ego driven mind.

The following steps are paraphrased from Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Use these steps to apply the Law of Detachment in your life.

1. Allow yourself and those around you to be as they are. Do not impose your idea of how things should be. Do not force solutions on problems, thereby creating new problems.

2. Factor uncertainty as an essential ingredient of your experience. Then notice how solutions will spontaneously emerge out of the problem, out of the confusion, disorder and chaos. The more uncertain things seem to be the more secure you will feel.

3. Step into the field of all possibilities and experience all the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.

Paradigm Shift Today

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Possessed By Your Mind

If you asked someone in today’s day and age if they believed in demon possession they would think you were out of you mind. But in a sense we are all possessed and it is by our mind.

Did you know you have over 50,000 thoughts a day? Do you have conscience control of all those thoughts? Then what does?

Can you observe your thoughts? Doesn’t the act of observation imply two—an observer and that being observed?

Our mind feeds on worry and misery. Our mind feeds on the past and the future. Our mind loves conflict and turmoil. It wants to be at odds, fighting against everything going on in its world. It is like we are adrift in a little boat in the middle of the ocean and our mind is a hurricane, a raging storm that just won’t stop.

But we can stop the mind. We can learn to silence our mind. We can learn to calm the raging storm and still the ocean and that is when we learn who we really are and all that we are capable of.

Sadly, so many are so possessed by their mind that they are unable to calm the storm. They have never discovered the peace of silencing the mind. Their days are spent in constant conflict and constant struggle with the mind. The worry and fear eats at them minute after minute. They think there is no relief. Sleepless nights and agonizing days are their prison.

We can free ourselves from the prison. We can free ourselves from the mind, even if only temporarily. Perhaps in this life we can’t fully exorcise that “mind demon” that is in all of us. But we can take away a lot of its strength and power. We can escape from it and enter a place of peace of mind, a place where we just know that everything is going to be okay. It’s almost unexplainable unless you have been there.

Unfortunately, many have never been there. Their mind has them trapped. All they can do is worry, fret, and complain. To them the world is a place of fear, a place where everyone and everything is conspiring against them. Their life is a constant nightmare and there is no waking.

They are truly possessed.

Akasha Online

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We want to show you there is a world right in front of your eyes that you can't see. There is a world very few know exist.

There is nothing you can not do. You need to get it out of your mind that anything is hard to do. It isn't. Think about it. Once you learn to do something it might as well be two plus two. Something is hard only if you think it is.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Pain Addictive?

Paradigm Shift Today

It seems as if some people are actually addicted to the pain in their everyday lives. It is almost like they get an adverse pleasure from the pain. That may sound extreme but for most of us our pain is hard to get rid of.

When something bad happens in our life our mind wants to dwell on it. The harder we try to ignore it the more intense it becomes. It becomes a huge struggle. We want to free ourselves from the pain but we can’t.

Believe it or not a big part of the problem is our ego. We make the pain part of us. And our ego wants to viciously hold onto anything it sees as part of us. It is as if we lose the pain then we will lose a part of ourselves. Our ego does not want that. And subconsciously we will do anything to prevent that even if it means doing things to hold onto the pain.

So what do can we do?

Don’t fight it. Accept it. Experience the pain. Observe it and let it run its course. Depending on the severity of the pain it may become very intense at times but keep observing. Pay attention to the thoughts running through your head. Pay attention to the emotions that you are feeling.

Don’t try and fight the pain. Just surrender to it. Let it take you over.

This may seem extreme. So counter intuitive to what we are taught.

But guess what is going to happen?

As you continue to just be an observer to the pain you will eventually notice the pain diminishing. Once that happens don’t stop. It may seem easier to fight the pain now since it is not as strong, to just forget it and go on. But don’t. Keep observing the pain. Again don’t fight. Just keep staying in a “surrender mode.” Eventually you will notice the pain will stop, just disappear. It has run its course.

It may come back later. But it won’t be as strong. When it comes back again just accept the pain, surrender and observe. The pain will eventually disappear forever.

Paradigm Shift Today

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Mind Exercises


Can you listen to your thoughts, the voice in your head?

Do you know how many thoughts you have a day? About 50,000!

Can you become aware of the emotions you are feeling right now?

Do you have control of those thoughts and emotions?

Concentrate on your thoughts and emotions right now.

Okay, now you’re observing your thoughts and emotions.

Doesn’t observation imply TWO separate things? The observer and that being observed.

Which one is you?

Do you know what will happen if you just observe an emotion or thought long enough?


What do you need right now?

Don't project yourself into the future. The future is a phantom in your mind that doesn't exist.

What do you need right now?

Not tomorrow. Not an hour from now. Not even a minute from now.

What do you need right now?

Is there anything in your life so pressing that you just have to have it right now, you can't wait one more second?

Paradigm Shift Today

Monday, September 14, 2009

Don't Be Infulenced By How Others See You

When you are trying to accomplish a goal, something big, do faces pop into your head as a reason why you won’t achieve that goal? It’s kind of strange isn’t it? Do we even know why those faces appear? But they seem to be negative, even if the face is a positive person in our life. For some reason that face represents a reason we can’t accomplish that goal.

Do we look at that person as an opposition to our goal?

Do we look at that person as one who just would never expect us to achieve a goal like that? If that is the case are we going to let their belief shape our world?

How many times do we let other’s beliefs about us shape us into who we are? Or at least who we think we are. It’s crazy when you think about it, but we do it all the time. We react certain ways around certain people because that is who they believe we are. And we accept it.

We let others expectations of us influence what we accomplish. That is just un acceptable!

What is your reputation? How do people see you?

Did you know you have as many reputations as people who know you? No two people are going to see you exactly the same.

When you interact with someone it is actually like there are four distinct personalities.

1. How you see yourself.
2. How the other person sees you.
3. How you see the other person.
4. How the other person sees themselves.

Is it any wonder relationships can be so confusing?

No one knows who you are and what you are capable of. And quite frankly you are capable of anything!

Do not let one single person’s single interpretation of you influence what you want.

That is up to you. And if you want it you got it.

Paradigm Shift Today

Friday, September 4, 2009

Spiritual Gifts Test

I just came across an interesting site on the internet. A site letting you test for spiritual gifts. A test to determine just what spiritual gifts you were born with or given by God. I am about to let you in on a huge secret. A secret that if you really think about it you have always deep down known. There is no need for a spiritual gifts test. A spiritual gifts test would do you absolutely no good what so ever.

Why is that?

Because you already have access to every spiritual gift you could ever want.

What do I mean by that?

You don’t need a spiritual gifts test because you already have all the gifts.

Impossible you say?

No! Just reality!

Whatever you want to do…you don’t need a spiritual gift test to find out you can do it.

Whatever you want to be…you don’t need a spiritual gift test to find out you can be it.

You have access to become anything and everything you want to be. Yes even without a spiritual gifts test.

The result of a spiritual gifts test doesn’t matter. Age doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Social class doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you want it. You are only limited by the limitations you set on yourself with your mind.

So how do you access these spiritual gifts?

You access the spiritual gifts with your mind.

Whatever you want to be…create a vivid picture in your mind of you becoming just that.

Whatever you want to do…create a vivid picture in your mind of you doing just that.

Then go out and do it. You will probably be terrible at first. You might not even have a clue what you are doing. But keep doing it.

Find books, internet sites, people, anything that can help you learn more about what you want to be…what you want to do. Learn everything you can about what you want to do. Watch as the image in your mind changes. You will change to. You will suddenly find yourself getting better at what you do.
Each change will just seem to come all of a sudden. It will be as if you have taken a quantum leap and you just realize you are a little better at doing what you are trying to do. So keep doing it.

Now here is the key. Don’t limit yourself with your mind. Don’t make false assumptions as to how far you can increase your new found skill. The only limit to how far you can go is the limit you place on yourself with your mind.

Yes, you heard me right. You can be just as good as anyone who ever lived at anything. You can be the best piano player who ever lived, the best guitar player who ever lived, the best singer who ever lived. Just don’t limit yourself.

Just keep doing it. And yes you are getting better because you are practicing. But don’t limit how far the practice can take you because there are no limits.

Again you will see your increases in skill in as quantum leaps. It’s like one minute you couldn’t do it. The next it becomes easy and you wonder why in the world you used to not be able to do it.

How do I know all this?

I have never had a spiritual gifts test to tell me what I could or couldn’t do.

And even without a spiritual gifts test I have been able to play the piano, play the guitar, and sing all on a professional level and I have never had a single lesson in my life.

So forget the spiritual gifts test. Just decide what you want to become. Keep that image in you mind. Now start doing it!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I think I'm Finally Starting To Get It!

They say there is only now. The past, the future, it is all an illusion created by our mind. Our mind keeps dwelling on the mistakes of the past and worrying about POSSIBLE problems in the future. In Eckhart Tolles book The Power of Now he tells us to try and stay centered in the now. The more centered in the now we become the higher we vibrate and the harder it becomes for negative circumstances to enter.

He tells us to stay in the now. To ask ourselves what we really need at this moment. Not a day from now. Not an hour from now. Not even a few minutes from now. And I have to admit even with all my future worries, every time I ask that question, I really don't need anything.

So why do I keep worrying. Troublesome thoughts entered my mind a few days ago. But then I asked myself what do I really need now. And I must be honest and say nothing. Troublesome thoughts entered my mind yesterday. But I again asked myself what do I need now. Again I needed nothing. Troublesome thoughts entered my mind today. But again I need nothing. Just a few minutes ago the troublesome thoughts arise again. But I concentrate on the now and ask myself what do I really need at this moment. Again the answer is NOTHING! So will there every come a time when the answer will not be nothing.

And it makes you wonder if we live in a constant now with no past or present. Then everything we could ever need has to be with us right NOW. Not on its way because that would imply a time frame. Everything has to be here now. It has to be that we just don't see how to get it. Because it must be there. It has to be.

Isn't it amazing how so many of the things we need arrive at just the opportune moment. Almost like magic or a miracle. But it can't be a miracle if it is already there. It just must be something in us has let us see what we need.

It's like we endure an unnecessary struggle. Fighting because we believe in scarcity. When right in front of our eyes is a huge pot of gold. Perhpas it is because we just have to come to a point where we say, "Enough is, Enough! I'm sick of it and I'm not going to play this pointless, useless, unnecessary game anymore." And when the game ends the world is ours!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

We are always in the NOW


I will be using this blog to make sense of my thoughts, to preserve and keep them, to remind, for perhaps I might lose them.

One of the best books I have ever read is Eckhart Tollee's The Power of Now. In the book he shows how there is no past or future there is only NOW. Past and future are just an illusion constructed by our mind. The key to happiness is to free ourself from our ego dominated mind, to stop dwelling on the phantoms of the past and future and just enjoy being in the here and now.

But our ego won't let us. Our ego want's to keep control of us through our mind. Constantly keeping us in a stuggle with the past and future. Keeping us separate from everyone and everything in the world. Almost like a huge competition where we most show ourselves superior.

Only by learning to free ourselves from the mind can we actually become happy. We need to try and stay as present as we can. Put gaps in the thinking of our mind. Concentrate on the task we are doing. Concentrate on our breathing. Go inside our bodies and learn to feel the true energy that is us.

During moments of relative minor stress, for there is almost constantly an underlying current of unease and tension in all of us, we must concentrate on keeping ourselves aware and in the present and free of our mind. By doing this we put ourselves in a high level of vibration and just like darkness is expelled by light nothing bad can enter when we are truly vibrating at a high level.

By living in the now we learn that everything we can possibly need we already have. There needs to be no worry about needs of the future. Just like the universe supplies for all its creations so it will for us. What we need will make its appearance when the need arises.

Running my own business I have always found myself in that mind trap. As is the norm for any business there are going to be up cycles and down cycles. Sometimes a down cycle may seem to last for a long period of time, bringing about worry concerning how future needs will be met. But it has always amazed me in over twelve years of business the needs have always been met. Sometimes it seems like magic. Sometimes just about at the last moment. Which makes me sometimes wonder why it couldn't have come a little faster. But the need has always been met.

It has to doesn't? If all we really are is in the now, then it is already here.

But what I find interesting is I still fall back into the trap of worry. You would think after a need always being met for over twelve years the worry would end. But the mind won't let it. Again showing we need to free ourselves from our mind.

Quoting from The Power of Now, "All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with youself."