Saturday, September 19, 2009

Possessed By Your Mind

If you asked someone in today’s day and age if they believed in demon possession they would think you were out of you mind. But in a sense we are all possessed and it is by our mind.

Did you know you have over 50,000 thoughts a day? Do you have conscience control of all those thoughts? Then what does?

Can you observe your thoughts? Doesn’t the act of observation imply two—an observer and that being observed?

Our mind feeds on worry and misery. Our mind feeds on the past and the future. Our mind loves conflict and turmoil. It wants to be at odds, fighting against everything going on in its world. It is like we are adrift in a little boat in the middle of the ocean and our mind is a hurricane, a raging storm that just won’t stop.

But we can stop the mind. We can learn to silence our mind. We can learn to calm the raging storm and still the ocean and that is when we learn who we really are and all that we are capable of.

Sadly, so many are so possessed by their mind that they are unable to calm the storm. They have never discovered the peace of silencing the mind. Their days are spent in constant conflict and constant struggle with the mind. The worry and fear eats at them minute after minute. They think there is no relief. Sleepless nights and agonizing days are their prison.

We can free ourselves from the prison. We can free ourselves from the mind, even if only temporarily. Perhaps in this life we can’t fully exorcise that “mind demon” that is in all of us. But we can take away a lot of its strength and power. We can escape from it and enter a place of peace of mind, a place where we just know that everything is going to be okay. It’s almost unexplainable unless you have been there.

Unfortunately, many have never been there. Their mind has them trapped. All they can do is worry, fret, and complain. To them the world is a place of fear, a place where everyone and everything is conspiring against them. Their life is a constant nightmare and there is no waking.

They are truly possessed.

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