Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You Will Be Taken Care Of - The Experiment

There is another you. Another infinite you, that knows your needs. Another you that has the ability to see the big picture. Another you that loves and cares for you more than you love and care for yourself. Another you that is there to protect and comfort and provide everything you could ever need in this life.

Below is an experience from a friend who actually put the above statements to the test. He agreed to write down his experience for this blog.

Being self-employed I am not guaranteed a paycheck. And sometimes needs arise and you wonder where you are going to find the extra money. It can bring worry and stress. The unknown usually does, doesn’t it? But here I am 14 years into being self-employed and every need that I have ever had has been met. I ask myself what do I really need and I have to answer—nothing.

What is funny is even though hundreds and hundreds of needs have been met in the past, any time a new need arises and I’m not quite sure how it is going to be met, worry and stress show their faces again. This time though I tried a little experiment.

I decided not to fight the worry and stress, to just experience it. To feel it. And guess what? It eventually just started to subside. Kind of like when you stub your toe. At first the pain is intense, then slowly you can feel it just fade away. Then there is a feeling of pleasure because the pain is gone.

You feel content.

Then I took the experiment a step farther. If there really is an infinite me that cares about me and knows my needs, then that “me” wants my needs taken care of just as much if not more than I do. So I decided to give as little thought as I could to that need and just turn it over to my infinite self knowing the need would be met. I ignored the temptation to come up with plans to make the extra money. Of course the worry would come back but again I just let it run its course.

To many that would seem foolish. How can you have this “problem” and just not do anything about it? Trust me, that question ran through my mind hundreds of times. But I decided to ignore it. If there really is another me, who cares about me, a more powerful, infinite me then “he” will be more adept to handle the problem than I would.

Two days ago, as of writing this article I got a business call. The call came from someone I had never met. The call came from someone whom I had never tried to solicit business from before. The call was the result of nothing I had done in the past.

As a result, the day of writing this article I received a check from them in the mail. I deposited the check. Tomorrow the need will be met.

You would think after 14 years I would learn.

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