Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Pain Addictive?

Paradigm Shift Today

It seems as if some people are actually addicted to the pain in their everyday lives. It is almost like they get an adverse pleasure from the pain. That may sound extreme but for most of us our pain is hard to get rid of.

When something bad happens in our life our mind wants to dwell on it. The harder we try to ignore it the more intense it becomes. It becomes a huge struggle. We want to free ourselves from the pain but we can’t.

Believe it or not a big part of the problem is our ego. We make the pain part of us. And our ego wants to viciously hold onto anything it sees as part of us. It is as if we lose the pain then we will lose a part of ourselves. Our ego does not want that. And subconsciously we will do anything to prevent that even if it means doing things to hold onto the pain.

So what do can we do?

Don’t fight it. Accept it. Experience the pain. Observe it and let it run its course. Depending on the severity of the pain it may become very intense at times but keep observing. Pay attention to the thoughts running through your head. Pay attention to the emotions that you are feeling.

Don’t try and fight the pain. Just surrender to it. Let it take you over.

This may seem extreme. So counter intuitive to what we are taught.

But guess what is going to happen?

As you continue to just be an observer to the pain you will eventually notice the pain diminishing. Once that happens don’t stop. It may seem easier to fight the pain now since it is not as strong, to just forget it and go on. But don’t. Keep observing the pain. Again don’t fight. Just keep staying in a “surrender mode.” Eventually you will notice the pain will stop, just disappear. It has run its course.

It may come back later. But it won’t be as strong. When it comes back again just accept the pain, surrender and observe. The pain will eventually disappear forever.

Paradigm Shift Today

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